Other Animals
Please note that the linked images may be very large to show the detail clearly.

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Polar bear mother and cub
Ink wash. 17x20. 1964.

Male lion at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA
watercolors 14x18" - 1987

Bull Elk in Yellowstone
watercolors on mat board - 16x20 - 1987

Elk bull in Yellowstone park
14x18" - watercolors - 1987

"September Song"
bull elk bugling - 16x20" - watercolors - 1987

Elk cow and calf, Yellowstone - watercolors - 16x20 - 1987

"Hunting Season" - mule deer buck
16x20" - acrylics on mat board - 1970's

Popcorn - long hair cat
pastels on velourboard - 1977 - 16x20"

Dall Sheep ram
Oils on wood - 7" diameter - 1976

Mountain Goat
Oils on wood - 7" diameter - 1978

Bighorn ram
Oils on canvas - 5x7" - 1976

Cape Buffalo bulls
Watercolor - 14x18" - 1968

"Fighting Bull Moose"
Watercolors - 16x20" - 1963. I was 16 when I did this, with imagined wounds and blood. It was entered in a citywide scholastic art contest, but one of the judges said to withdraw it because no one would think a 16 year old girl would have painted it!

watercolors - 16x20" - 1963

Mule Deer Fawn
Oils on wood - 8x10"

White Tail Buck in snow
20x24" - oils on canvas - 1977

Holstein bull
Commission - oils on wood - 1971

Farm sign
Commission - 1971 - oils on wood - 30x48"

1971 - pastels on velourboard - 18x24"

Blacktail bucks
Seen from horseback near Issaquah
1973 - oils on masonite - 8x10"

"Autumn Elk"
Acrylics on mat board - 1971 - 16x20"

"Mad Momma Moose"
with new calf in Alaskan gold camp - 1971

Acrylics on illustration board - 16x20"

Lowland gorilla
Illustration for J.W. Thompson 1972 - watercolors - 12x16"

Caribou in Alaskan tundra
1971 - oils on masonite - 11x14"

Watercolors - 1971 - 14x18"

Watercolors - from 1968

Black Tail Buck
1975 - Watercolor on colored ground - 8x10"

Mule Deer Doe
1975 - Watercolors on colored ground - 8x10"

"Wolf Eyes"
Acrylics on mat board from 1974 - 16x20"

Nyala antelope
Watercolor - 12x18 - 1974

African Lion pair and Cape Buffalo - 14x18" watercolor - 1968

East Meets West
Fantasy of Eastern Brook Trout and Western Golden Trout jumping for the same fly. Both fish were transplanted beyond their natural waters, but going for the same fly was not realistic, so I was told. - 18x24" watercolor - 1963.

African Elephants
14x18" - Watercolor - 1963

Bull Moose and Cow in Alaska - 18x24" watercolor - 1963

Head of Bull Moose - 12x18"

Seal Buns
Half Siamese - Commission - 8x10" oils on masonite.

Jersey cow and calf - Oils on canvas

Dall Sheep ram
8x10 Watercolor on mat board.

Grizzly bear
Watercolor wash

Grizzly bear
Pen and Ink on paper

Rainbow Trout
Watercolor on illustration board - Commission

Lion from Woodland Park Zoo.

Lion pair done on a latchhook rug.

Latchhook rug Snow Leopard.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn
Pastels on velourboard.

"Cougar on the Prowl"
oils on canvas - 24x30" - 1976

Bull elk bugling
Pastels on mat board.

8 x10 oils on masonite of a deer on Cady Ridge in the northern Cascades.