Birds in Art by Janis Whitcomb
Please note that the linked images may be very large to show the detail clearly.

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Western Sandpiper on WA shore
watercolors on mat board - 16x20 - 1987

"Cooper's Hawk"
done from dead bird - watercolors 16x20 - 1987

Common Egret near the WA coast
watercolors - 16x20 - 1987

Gulls on the WA coast on a grey day - watercolors - 11x14" - 1981

Red-Breasted Sapsuckers
Watercolors - death studies - 1967

Grouse & Fog
Watercolors - 1968 - 14 x18"

Barn swallows
Watercolor on mat board from 1974 - 8x10"

Bay-Breasted Warbler
8x10" watercolor - 1962.

Eagle versus Osprey
The eagle is going to hit the Osprey, making him drop his catch. 18x24" - watercolor - 1963

White-Throated Sparrow
8x10" - Watercolor on mat board.

Flock of Pintail ducks
Oils on masonite.

Belted Kingfishers
Painted in watercolors

Belted Kingfishers
Detail - painted in watercolors

Stellar's Jays

Fox Sparrow
Watercolor done from life (death)

A study of a feather from a crow. Watercolor.

Mallard pair
Watercolor on mat board. Commission.

An immature Red-Tail Hawk. Watercolor on mat board.

American Kestrels
Pair of American Kestrels - AKA Sparrowhawks. Watercolor on Mat Board.

Great Blue Heron
Watercolors on mat board - 1971 - 16x20"

Black-Capped Chickadees
Watercolors on mat board.