Other Horse Breeds in Art by Janis Whitcomb
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Legion of Merit winning half-Arabian
Oils - 2006

Legion of Merit winning half-Arabian
Oils - 2006

Lady Ann is a Thorougbred/QH mare. My first horse that I got when I was 16 and she was 6. She was trained as hunter/jumper/equitation horse. She produced 4 foals for me.
Pastels 13x19 in velour board.

Rajah was Lady Ann's first foal. A half saddlebred colt that was a result of the mare being turned out with the Saddlebred stallion where I boarded her.
Pastels 13x19 in velour board.

Apollo Amyr was Lady Ann's third foal. A Half-Arabian colt by the chestnut stallion, Sedab.
Pastels 13x19 in velour board.

Katydid, Lady's fifth foal.
Pastels 13x19 in velour board.

Tennessee Walking Horse
Pencil - 1966 - 18x24"

Standardbred trotters
pencil - 20x24" - 1965

"King's Genius"
Great Saddlebred Stallion - charcoal - 20x24" - 1971

watercolor - 15x30" - 1963

"Tag and Chief"
grade horses - commission - oils - 20x24" - 1972

"The Snubbing Post"
oils - 24x30" - 1970's

Detail from "The Snubbing Post"

QH/Morgan "Mr. Gold Creek"
oils - 16x20" - commission - 1974

Inex Fischer-Credo on her Olympic Grand Prix Trakehner Stallion - pencil - 20x24" - 1968

"Lady Ann"
TB/QH mare - watercolors - 16x20 - 1981

Tennessee Walker mare and foal - commission - oils on canvas - 18x24 - 1967

National Champion Half-Arab park horse - oils (color) - 16x20" - commission - 1967

Arabian/Standardbred cross - super park horse - pastels - 14x18 - commission - 1967

Half-Arabian mare
acrylics on canvas - 16x20" - commission - 1978

grade foal - watercolors - 14x18 - 1987

Pair of Haflingers in harness
unfinished - 16x20 - watercolors on illustration board - 1981

Commission - oils on canvas - 11x14" - 1976

Wild horses
Commission - watercolors - 20x24" - 1976

Morgan mare - dam of lying foal pictured (by Nomad)
11x14" - oils on canvas - 1976

Morgan Foal
Watercolors - 1987 - 14x18"

Cin - grade horse/pony cross
1965 - pastels on mat board - 16x20"

Parader's Maestro - Tennessee Walker
Commission - oils on canvas - 1968 - 6x10"

"First Sun"
Early foal from grade mare - 1971 - watercolors - 14x18"

Taking the Team to Water
14x18" - watercolor - 1968

Winter Pasture
Western Washington pasture in snow. Oils - 16x20" - 1967

Saddlebred in dark palomino. Commission. Cropped picture - 18x24" - pastels on velourboard

TB/QH cross mare Lady Ann - with half-arab foal - Lei Lanni
20x24" - pastels on velourboard

8x10" - watercolor on matboard

Half Arabian from Lady Ann x SurLann. 8x10" - watercolors on matboard

Morgan mare. Commission - Oils on canvas.

Sky Climber
16x20 - watercolors on mat board

Cherry Blossom Time
Standardbred mare and her half-Arabian foal - painted in watercolors

Radalta King
Black Percheron Stallion - 1973 - 20x24" - pastels on mat board

A Percheron imported early in this century - painted in charcoal

I dreamed this and painted it the next day. It has a mysteriousness about it that people like. They would stand and look at it at shows - wondering aloud what they thought he was doing. To me - it was just a palomino walking.
Watercolors on mat board - 16x20" - 1975

Unnamed Piece
Quarter Horse/Hunter cross - a commission painted in oils

Morgan Stallion
Commission - painted in oils

Lady Carradine
Painted in charcoal

3/4 Arabian. 1974. Commission in oils on canvas - 20x24"

"Canyon Trap"
Painted in oils - done from a description in a Zane Grey book.

Wild horses - oils on masonite - 24x30 - 1973

Fast Crossing
Painted in oils

Mail Call
After coach arrives with the mail in Danish countryside - oils on canvas - 24x30" - 1976

Details of Mail Call

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