Glory Days

1) On the south side of the driveway, east of the house is a small portion of ground, maybe 60' and probably as long. I have stuffed it with shrubs, and some trees, but until they grew up, there was lots of naked ground, so I planted it with a combination of annuals and perennials. Here is how it looked in 1994. I mixed lots of purple/red shrubs with gold ones. You can see a small Bloodgood maple on the upper left and a smoke bush in the center, with plants I can't even remember in the middle. Heuchera puerpuera (coral bells) is one. It is next to a plant named 'Lime Mound'. Doesn't look that limish in this picture. There is a pine on the right and below it a dwarf Alaskan blue willow. 2) This is closest to the drive. You can see mallow (purple) and the daylily May May and Rudbeckia (tall, golden) along with varieties of clarkia, pansies and Phacelia (blue). 3) Dwarf Godetia. I love this flower. Just sprinkle some seed out early every year, or hope enough of it will seed itself! 4) On the lower level, you get a glimpse of the daylily 'Beauty Girl' and, I believe 'Butterpat'. Behind that are echinacea, Rudbeckia and Mallow

1) This is also taken on the flat, lower level, 1994, August. I like silver-leaved plants to mix with all the green, esp. if there are some hot colors. Nothing like that showing here, though. I see grape-leaved anemones, blue petunias, Coreopsis, Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) and my dolphin fountain. 2) Taken from the same spot, looking west. This garden is mostly on a steep slope and is about 70' deep (from patio/lawn to lower fence) and 120' wide. The size of a World Cup soccer pitch! I can see artemesia (silver) and several heathers from Elma, WA, and a large sedum (yellow green). All this is backed at the far end by a mess of Dahlias, a hollyhock and a butterfly bush. 3) in 1992, I think the first year the fountain was in, I was standing on the hillside above the "lawn". The large south garden slopes away so precipitously you can't see much beyond the level spot. The dark evergreens are way down behind the barn, the line of whose roof you can barely see behind the dolphin. There is a lot of Cleome here in August. Or was. 4) Back at the top in the NE garden in Sept, 1992. Tons of marigolds, large and small and some ageratum and zinnias.

1) Taken in 1989, the first year I gardened here because the house had just been finished 2 months before. I had used a scatter garden package, which did really well despite the fact that lots of concrete and water were washed over the seedlings! This is a carpet of Lunaria. Like little snapdragons! 2) The daylily 'Grape Velvet' with Achillea 3) Daylilies 'Grape Velvet', 'No Mistake Plantation' (yellow) and 'Only One' (reddish). 4) Shasta Daisies. These are very tall (often need support). Backed by yellow-orange Alstroemeria. 5) Red Rhododendron, app. 12 years old here in 1991.