July 10-11, 2002

July 10th:

Just some true lilies that I planted in a pot on my deck. I love lilies. So do mice. Grr.

Daylily with a heart and an eye! Stitch Witchery.

A very good white Daylily. Joan Senior. Almost all of mine are older, tough cultivars. I guess if they weren't, they died off during the years of neglect! In the 2nd shot, you can see my rhubarb!

Bells Appealing. A strong yellow Daylily with good budcount.

July 11th:

Simple Pretty. A good name for this caramel colored Daylily.

Malva. A medium-tall plant. This looks a lot like the hollyhock plant (and is an annual) and has a lot of the same characteristics. There are several different mallows.

One of my yellow Daylilies. I can't recall the name offhand!

A plant I know I have the name for elsewhere It is blooming in front of a tree heather.