July 15-19, 2002

July 15th:

'Aztec Gold', a different type of Daylily. Trumpet shaped brilliant gold. The black creature behind it is my regular pal, Cruiser.

July 16th:

I bought 6 unknown Asiatic lily bulbs to put in 16" pots on my deck. The mice eat them everywhere else. These 6 have multiplied fantastically over the years. I am afraid to divide and repot them. There are over 100 blooms every year.

July 17th:

One of, if not *the*, favorite daylily, 'Real Wind'. In years past, I have pictures of many blooms on this plant.

July 19th:

A very tall plant with a slender stem, Queen of the Prairie. Needs staking, but the stem is quite stiff.

The garden in early evening often glows with that late golden light.

The color looks different in the sunset!