July 20-21, 2002

July 20th:

Star of the Veldt. An annual that I love. It is not frost hardy.

The lavender Daylily that shows a reflection of the blue sky in the shade.

Looking NE from the lower fence. A lot of the daylilies have been freed from weeds now. The dominant white is Ice Carnival.

Siloam Bo Peep. Small flower on a short stem. Red eye, golden heart on a buff colored, ruffled Daylily.

July 21st:

A blue-white delphinium. One of my favorite perennials, but one which I have a lot of trouble with. Slugs love it. I bought a bunch in the 3rd week of April 2003 and they were only stubs by the 1st week of May.

A reverse look at 'Buff Beauty'.

A side view of a red-orange combination called 'American Indian'