July 4-5, 2002

July 4th:

A flycatcher sitting on her eggs in a nest under the front porch. They have come 2 years in a row to do this nest and I just saw one show up today!

Just a simple petunia.

July 5th:

Salvia Midnight Blue and Nicotiana. One of the dwarf varieties and doesn't carry the sweet scent that the tall Nicotianas do.

Beautiful, dark purple Osteospermum.

An evening look at the petunias on the deck.

An almost perfect shot! Full bloom, new bloom and buds.

Looking north up my NE path from the lawn. Small tree of Redbud, grown from one of those Arbor Day Foundation "sticks"! A Bloodgood maple and a blue spruce are also visible.

Looking NE up the garden. Deutzia on the left, 'Buff Beauty' and Lychnis in the middle and a thriving butterfly bush sans blooms on the right.