July 5-9, 2002

July 5th:

Queen Elizabeth II. Great rose.

One of Mike's hanging baskets with yellow and orange begonias, on the north side of the house.

July 7th:

A clump of Aztec Gold against the shrubbery.

A deep purple-blue flower on a spike. Has proven to be very tough! Purple Monkshood. This plant is poisonous, as are many garden plants, but useful in medicine.

A small flowered, small bush rose. I had thought it was Cornelia or Penelope, but it is neither! I can't seem to find out *what* it is.

July 8th:

A rose Daylily with a red throat, Addie Branch Smith. Moderate in all things.

July 9th:

More of the Monkshood.

Rosa albas 'Konigen von Danemark' (Queen of Denmark).