June 22, 2002

1) Coreopsis 'Early Sun'. Commonly called Tickseed. First bloom. 2) Rose 'Abraham Darby'. First flush of bloom is over, now it will repeat. 3) Bane of my existence. But pretty anyway. Blooms of the garden rogue, Himalyan Blackberry. 4) On the steps from the drive to the lower level, growing in the lush jungle that sprang up there are wild Foxglove (digitalis).

1) One of the clematis that I planted to grow through this apple tree, which never produces. The other is white. I don't remember the names. 2) A climbing rose that was planted at the edge of my vegetable garden, intending for it to climb the cherry tree, but it was overwhelmed by blackberries. A little bit of it survives but is probably growing off the hardy root stock. I thought it was Zepherine Drouhan. Whatever, it is the hottest pink I've ever seen in a rose! 3) A love rose in a short shrub. This is Konigen von Danemarck (Queen of Denmark). It has been totally hidden til last summer, when my husband took to whacking the brush and pulling huge "stumps" of blackberries. I freed it from the grip of buttercups (which are about 3' high and thick!) and it fell over. Maybe next year! 4) Looking up the hill (app. 15 degree slope!) to a clump of foxglove and the roses Mme Hardy (on the left) and Mme Alfred Carrier (right). You can even see the one bloom of yellow-orange Asiatic lily in the pot on the deck.

1) a small dark red rose that may be growing from another rootstock, but it has the look of the Europaena that I had growing here, but it's on the opposite side of the path from where it was. Probably a sucker. Still, it's pretty! 2) Mme Alfred Carriere, late afternoon 3) Mme Hardy, late afternoon. This rose, which is called a pillar rose, has been using a lilac to get up high. Being over the drain field, I can't go digging down and putting in a trellis or pillar to wind it around. 4) Sweet William. I love this flower. It comes in a tremendous assortment of variations. This seems to be the only one I have left. They are biennials, growing one year and blooming the next. I used to have it sown up and down the private road, but now the neighbor mows the verges and has pretty well wiped it out.

1) The wild flower Herb Robert. I love this plant. It is full of pinkish blooms and when it dies back in the summer, the lacy leaves put on fall colors! 2) The only bloom so far of Cornelia. A small, dainty cream colored old rose. The blooms are about 1.5" across 3, 4) The rose "Topaz Jewel" (which translates into "many thorns" ) never fails to move me. It is a largish, upright shrub, an old rugosa rose, that starts out with yellow buds and blooms that fade to almost white at night.

1) The branches of a mock orange drooping down to meet the rising cranesbill. That is a Blue Spruce to the right. 2) Planted to hold a bank north of the house, you can see heather, mixing with salal, including some salal blossoms and the a blooming sedum (yellow flowers) along with Herb Robert. 3) More of the bank, showing Thyme blooming among the sedum with Kinnickkinnick (Bearberry) behind on the left. 4) More of Topaz Jewel, with the rose 'Vanity' sprawling about 15' behind it, smother a lilac and a forsythia. 5) An unknown (or unnamed?) Asiatic lily, growing in 16" diameter pot on the deck. The only place where the mice haven't found them.