June 24, 2002

The south facing (only!) window in my studio is at patio level and I can see some of the large trees and a lot of the flowers. That is a model horse head silhouetted. The rose "Vanity" is visible. It is climbing through a lilac.

A gorgeous, sprawling (in my garden) peachy buff rose. A hybrid musk. I had to look that up! I tended to buy older, repeat or continuous flowering shrub roses that were hardy and they have proved that they are very hardy. I take a shot of this almost every time I pass it. Blooms all spring and summer.

Flowers of the shrub Deutzia. This one is dying back a little every year. Time to replace it, I think. Here it is superimposed against the rose "Vanity".

A great rose all around, Mme Isaac Pereire. Unbelievable, the neglect this and other roses in my garden have survived. Hardy, great grower, beautiful flower. This is a Bourbon rose, created in 1817! Repeats.

The flowering shrub, Kolkwitzia. Neglect has left this with a lot of thinning, wand like branches. Flowers are still beautiful!

A Damask rose, flowers all at once in June. Called a "pillar" rose, but I let it sprawl because my garden is over my septic system drain field and I don't want to be sinking supports into the ground.

One of the Austin roses, meaning repeat blooming. This one has barely survived and this bloom is hiding under some other shrubs, hence the bluish cast.