June 26 & 29, 2002

The shrub rose, "Nymphenberg". This one is on it's last legs, but still manages a bloom between the stems of a salmonberry and being throttled by hardy geranium.

My dolphin fountain, backed by my jungle of a garden and the rose "Vanity". The Deuztia is off to the left. The bank shelves off right here.

Another shot of 'Buff Beauty' after a shower.

A common yellow Alstroemeria looks anything *but* common here :-)

Old cultivar, as are most of my daylilies, American Folklife has pewtery-pink flowers. Peeking out from behind is a blossom of Lychnis coronaria "Angel Blush'. Starts as a white, then turns pinkish.

A low-growing shrub (that needs to be pruned yearly to *stay* low) is Spirea Goldflame. I bought it more for the gold leaves in spring than for the blooms. I have some great pictures from years past of it contrasting with the Alpine fir next to it and some Siberian Iris.

This is a very hot red, hard to photograph Begonia! It almost does better with a digital than with film. A good scarlet.

A brilliant yellow, this native flower is commonly called Tickseed and is abundant in the prairies. It's name is Coreopsis and comes in several species. It self sows in the garden. Or used to!

On this steep bank, I tried to hold it with plants. I dug up wild salal and oregon grape and bought kinnickkinnick and heather, all of which have done amazingly well. Here you can see some sedum (yellow flowers) against thyme and, behind that, the salal leaves. To the right are the dying leaves of Herb Robert, which is a wonderful native plant. We cut our driveway through this bank. The house is just opposite of this south of the drive.