June 30, July 1 & 3, 2002

A Floribunda. This is in a poor spot (too much shade), but was never a good plant.

July 1

A shot of the northwest bed near the garage. Situated under a very old, very large Cedar tree, it gets pretty much full sun on the perimeter and is pretty dry, even in the spring. This is Coreopsis against 2 pelargoniums.

Another shot of the Coreopsis alone.

Another Floribunda. This bush is barely alive, but was not ever a strong plant .

A young rabbit that one of my terriers unearthed in the garden late one evening. There were 3, but the rest of the story was tragic.

July 3

A compressed view south from the driveway, peeking through shrubbery at the fountain on the patio. The blue above is from the deck railing.A

A tall woody perennial, Physostegia, growing up through and hanging over Burning bush. Behind is a Bloodgood maple and overhead a young Redbud tree.

I believe this is a Lychnis. I don't have much bright red in my garden, but it's nice as "hot spots". Here it is set off by (or vice versa!) the 'Buff Beauty' rose.