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I remade a model and held a contest to give away a free classic size paint job.
Click here to see the original model my remake is based on.

I am taking orders for custom painting jobs! All will be Live Show Quality but I don't live show so I won't guarantee wins, however they have done very well (many champions and Grands) photo showing and I have several satisfied and repeat customers! Several NAN Top Tens have come from Trotting Horse Studios.

Will stand horse up square if needed, clean seams and do some ear, nostril and hoof carving. Horse will be cleaned and primed before painting. Airbrushed with some hand detailing. A variety of finish sprays are available.

**Please note** that I don't remove paint and won't clean seams or carve ears, nostrils or hooves on horses with anything but OF paint. I won't guarantee a paint job over other another artist's paint, nor will I paint it if it has been painted and the finish is rough. It is too difficult to know what the prior painter used and I have been having problems with non OF paint gumming up my tools beyond repair. I need to know what the model *is* painted in besides the OF coat in advance. I can't strip your horse for you.

Prices are effective as of June 24, 2012.

$100.00 for solid colors (with minimal white)
$150.00 for Pintos, Appaloosas and dapples of any kind.

Classic or Trad foals:
$80.00 for solid colors (with minimal white)
$100.00 for Pintos, Appaloosas and dapples of any kind.

No LB or SM sizes done.

Prepping is $15-25 depending on the item.

Extra work, just like pizza toppings will cost separately. A dappled buckskin traditional would be $125.00 and a dappled buckskin pinto would be $150.00. So each "topping" (1 is dappling, 1 is pinto, 1 is appy) will be $25.00. "Toppings" for classic would be $20.00 each.

Ask about altering the basic model or changing the sex, etc.

Customer is responsible for shipping to me and return shipping and insurance in addition, depending on the size and value of the model.

Janis Whitcomb
Trotting Horse Studios
Auburn, WA

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